I am back, after a 10-month hiatus. I have been meaning to write some post or the other, but was just too lazy to write. But today, I just had to write; I had no choice on the topic!

About a couple of years back, when we were booking an apartment on the 18th floor of a building in a gated apartment complex, a colleague reflexly and very sincerely asked me (paraphrased)- “But what will you do for the go (cow) pooja? How will you take a cow to your apartment on the 18th floor?” I was totally nonplussed. The question was too funny and weird for me to handle. I just responded that of course we are not doing any of that business!

And then today, this email (from someone on the 10-odd-th floor) lands in my Inbox, on the mailing list of the apartment complex that I stay in (paraphrased)- “We are looking forward to perform our gruhapravesam in XYZ month. As a part of the ritual we need to perform the “Go pooja” (cow pooja). Are we allowed to bring the cow inside the campus?”  This is way too hilarious! I had no clue someone would actually, seriously think of doing something like that!


  1. Durga


    Its really common in the South. In our complex I have seen couple of people really bring in a cow for ghruhapravesham.

    Guess it all depends on where a person is in their journey of “accepting everything as told” to moving to “critically analyzing what they are told before its followed”.


  2. Malini

    Oh yes, we had a few really emaciated cows visiting our apartment complex. Thankfully for new residents on the ground floor! I just hoped that the soussed cow hand fed the beast atleast half of his takings for the day.

    It is ridiculous when blind belief and reality clash in India.

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