What does INR 1,000 mean to you?

To me?

  • A quick dinner for two at a local favourite restaurant..
  • A couple of cups of coffee and a muffin at a coffee shop..
  • A couple of ice-cream sundaes..
  • A glass of wine at a 5 star restaurant..
  • A cab ride from home to airport..
  • A kurta from FabIndia..
  • A t-shirt bought in a mall..
  • A week’s training sessions in The Quad..
  • A marathon registration..
  • A couple of tickets for a movie..
  • A single ticket for a play in a theatre..
  • A couple of Kindle books..

To an underprivileged child?

  • An education for a year..
  • A healthy life..
  • An opportunity to break away from the life of manual labor..
  • A year’s worth of smiles..
  • A promise for a better life..
  • A possibility of a dream come true..
  • A reason to hope..

1,000 Rupees is all it takes to make a difference in a child’s life! On an average, it takes INR 1,000 to fund a child’s education through Vibha for a full academic year. It helps buy them books, provide teachers, build classrooms, bring doctors and provide safe shelters.

I request you to help build a brighter future for one child by donating INR 1,000 (or USD 15) to my fundraising campaign for Vibha.


I pledge to personally donate to Vibha a matching donation of INR 1,000 per donor for the first 100 donors on my campaign, i.e. upto a total of INR 1 Lakh.

Let us make a difference in a child’s life. One child at a time.