Hi there! I am Pradnya Karbhari, a Software Engineer by profession, and a die-hard technologist. I get most excited by a cool technology or a funky gadget or some fun app or even a simple, powerful script. I have spent a major part of my life immersed in such cool tech.

I grew up in Mumbai, India, where I did my Bachelors from VJTI. I went to the US and did my PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. I then joined Google Inc. in Mountain View, where I worked for a couple of years on Google’s content distribution system- in particular, on it’s load balancing system.

After a total of 9 years in the US, I moved back to India for personal reasons, to the Google Bangalore office. I started as one of the first engineers on the Search Based Keyword Tool, an early version of the Adwords Keyword Planner. A very interesting and technically challenging project with huge business impact, it won the Google Founders Award. After that, I was Technical Lead on Page Speed Service, which offered content distribution + content rewriting as a service to third-party websites. I led a team of 10 engineers in Bangalore, and worked with teams in Boston and Seattle to launch this product.

I am CTO and Co-Founder of Point105-AR, an Augmented Reality Technology company, which works with enterprises and SMBs to develop technology for their AR experiences. We also created MaskUp, an entertainment app on Android and iOS, with uniquely Indian AR exerperiences. Our fun AR filters on Facebook AR Studio have been used millions of times, and generated many a laughs for our users.

I have been a strong champion for Women in Tech for the longest time. I was chair-person of Google Women Engineers – India, and helped evaluate multiple rounds of Anita Borg scholarship applications. I have given a talk at Grace Hopper Conference, India, as well as run a workshop and judged a WeTech competition. I have advised many young women engineers on their career goals. I feel very strongly about this topic, and am always open to hearing from and connecting with other Women in Tech.

I have tons of hobbies. Traveling and reading being the topmost. And a smattering of writing. I also love fitness activities in the form of cycling, swimming, running, hiking and strength training.

I have been a volunteer with Vibha for a long while. It is a non-profit organisation that funds NGOs working for the improvement of children’s lives, primarily in education, as well as health and livelihood.

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